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Who Ate All The Cookies
***Please note these classes only run from February to May and September to December*** 


Who Ate All The Cookies is a new initiative to help pups gain valuable socialisation skills with other people, pups and adult dogs.  


This is not daycare as you know it and its not necessary to be a day care dog in the future. This is about helping pups get the right start, a mixture of socialising, naps and basic training.   


Who ate all the cookies runs for 5 weeks on Mondays, it works the same as daycare, however, the pups have a small group and a dedicated Trainer to ensure they have happy and positive experiences with other dogs and pups in their group.


This is for pups under 9 months old only. They get to meet both big and small sociable adult dogs under strict supervision and of course our wonderful staff who can’t resist a cute puppy.  


Pups need to have finished their vaccinations to attend (including kennel/canine cough vaccine). 


To enrol your pup get in touch

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