Vickie Wilson, Owner

What started as a dream for Vickie, turned into a quickly growing reality. Dogs Galore was started as a way to spend more time with her personal dogs- and in less than 5 years, she has 239 dogs visiting on a weekly basis.

Vickie’s CV is far too long to list, as well as winning most national titles in Dog Agility, she has dabbled in most things dogs! Obedience, Rally, Tux wonder dog… You name it! She is a highly sought-after trainer, and we are lucky enough to have her in the North Island after she started out life in Canterbury. Vickie currently has 5 dogs, 3 heading dogs (Trigger, Wheedle, & Alaska), a Beardie (Cillia) and the Dogs Galore Mascot Wawa (the terrifying Chihuahua you might see guarding the premise on occasion). You couldn’t ask for more from a business owner, she is very hands-on but allows our staff to get on with their jobs. We consider ourselves pretty lucky 😊

Mark Wilson, Owner

Mark had always been behind the scenes from the start, but as the business grew, left his job in Te Awamutu to help Vickie full time. He has been involved with dogs for over 20 years, is a life long member of Cambridge Dog Obedience Club and also a competitor on the agility circuit! His team is made up of 3 heading dogs (Dodge, Mitch & Casey) and Steele, a Kelpie Jack Russell X that you will spot about 5 metres from Marks person at all times.

Mark works with the daycare team when needed and maintains our beautiful 9 1/4 acre property, which is a full-time job in itself. He is extremely handy and has built most of the fencing, sheds and outdoor areas by himself. We’re very lucky to have him on hand to fix anything we break!

Kieran, Daycare Extrodianare

Hey I'm Kieran! I first discovered my interest in dogs and their amazing abilities back in 2014, and decided I would love to work with them for a career.

I started out my canine career by volunteering to help Vickie once a week throughout 2015, assisting with the day to day operation of Dogs, looking after some of the clients and exercising Vicki's dogs while she was busy.

In 2016, I headed to Unitec in Auckland to complete my Certificate in Animal Management, and when I returned home in 2017, I began looking for employment in a dog-related industry. Coincidently, there was a position available at Dogs Galore, and upon being interviewed and accepted, I started my official employment here at Dogs Galore at the beginning of 2017. I've loved every minute of my employment here, our team works together in an amazing way, and I truly feel blessed to work at such a unique and enjoyable place.

Sue, WonderWoman

Hi there, I'm Sue! I moved from the UK to New Zealand in 2012 after visiting family several times and deciding we wanted to live here. We live on a lifestyle block just outside of Te Awamutu, we have 2 dogs Bowie (Border Collie) and Skyla (Belgian Shepherd), 4 alpacas,  a rather grumpy sheep who everyone is scared of 😃 and chickens who like to try and come into the house whenever possible.

Most of my working life I have been in horticulture, but the opportunity to come work at Dogs Galore came up and that was it my dream job. I have always had dogs and various other animals. I have travelled to many countries all over Europe and America, Canada and Romania. Hobbies include gardening, reading, renovating furniture.

Sue helps out wherever is needed- you can often find her in the groom room helping prepare dogs for Laura, babysitting the puppies, making a wicked cup of tea or keeping an eye on the daycare dogs.

Kelly, Canine Crew - Day Stay Trainer

Hi, I’m Kelly!
Born and bred into a family of bull farmers, I have always been surrounded by dogs & try to spend as much time with them as possible. I am thrilled to be joining the Dogs Galore team to do this professionally & continue my canine education with an incredible team.
I am lucky enough to share my life with 7 dogs of my own ranging from 8 months to 12 years old - Flight & Patch the Heading Dogs, Flick the Border Collie, Teddy & Brooke the Beardie X Huntaways, Yogi the Beardie X Border Collie and Needle the working Kelpie. I’m currently studying a certificate in canine behaviour & training with the National Dog Trainers Federation (NDTF) in Australia, and have been heavily involved with rescue work over the last 7 years through photography, fostering and helping run a local dog rescue, taking a special interest in the dogs needing a job of some kind.
When I’m not working with the team at Dogs Galore, you can usually find me with my dogs - out mustering cattle on the farm, heading out on adventures or playing with whatever new training thing we’re working on at the time. My favourite thing is finding what makes each dogs heart sing & helping them thrive with a well rounded, biologically fulfilling life.