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Terms & COnditions

Upon sending my dog(s) to Dogs Galore Daycare, I agree to the following:


1) I understand that Dogs Galore has relied upon my representation that my dog is in good health and has not injured or shown aggression or threatening behaviour to any person or dog in admitting my dog for services at their facility.

2) I further understand that their owners, staff­, partners and volunteers, will not be liable, financially or otherwise, for injuries to my dog, me or any property of mine whilst my dog is participating in services provided by Dogs Galore. I hereby release Dogs Galore of any liability of any kind arising from my dog participating in any of the services provided.

3) I further understand and agree that any problems with my dog, behaviour, medical or otherwise will be treated as deemed best by the staff­ of Dogs Galore. I understand that I assume all financial responsibility in the event of medical treatment being required.

4) I understand that there are risks and benefits associated with group socialization of dogs. I agree that the benefits outweigh the risks and I accept the risks. I desire a socialized environment for my dog while attending services provided by Dogs Galore, including swimming pool, sandpits and all other available entertainment. I understand that while Dogs Galore; staff­ to prevent any incidence carefully monitors socialization and play, it is still possible during the course of a normal play that my dog could receive injury.

5) I further understand by allowing my dog to participate in services off­ered by Dogs Galore I am authorizing the taking of photos of my dog for publication and/or promotions.

6) I further understand that I am solely responsible, financially or otherwise for any harm or damage cause to or by my dog whilst at Dogs Galore.

7) I understand that my dog will need to be desexed by 1 years old, and Dogs Galore may remove them from daycare if they present problem behaviours before this age. 

8) I understand that there is a 48 hour notice period required for cancellation, otherwise a 100% cancellation fee will apply.

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