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Puppy Pre-School

This all-new  5-week program is designed for puppies aged 8 weeks to 6 months. 

Puppies can be hard work, and experiences during this time are a critical component of creating a friendly, well-mannered adult dog. Enrol your pup in this program and let us do the groundwork for you. Your puppy will attend one day of school a week, where they will receive individual and group training sessions during the day, as well as social time with other dogs. We’ll work to install the basic manners needed to overcome puppy challenges, and by sticking to our homework sheet, you’ll have a wonderful social puppy in no time!

Our Puppy pre-school is a specially designed program to help your puppy have fun and gain confidence while working on their canine communication is a safe atmosphere. Key components include:

-Puppy mouthing and biting


-Crate training

-Get your puppy used to being home alone

-Chewing on furniture, shoes, books, etc.

-Basic manners including: name recognition, sit-stay, come when called, greeting visitors politely, walking nicely on a leash, focusing on you around distractions, leave-it and more.

- Field trips to put new skills to the test!

This program costs $420/5 days of Puppy Preschool + initial consult + 2x 30minute handover sessions. 

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