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We love dogs.

We love them so much that we've dedicated our 3 hectare property towards providing your dog with a perfect place to spend the day.


We let dogs be dogs by giving them the freedom to explore, socialize and play with other dogs in a safe and controlled environment. They can join in on a game or catch a nap in one of our indoor areas. 


Our experienced team monitor your dog during their visit to ensure that they're happy and safe at all times.


It's all about making things as enjoyable for your dog and convenient for you, which is why we offer the pick up and delivery service as well as the option to have your dog professionally groomed during their visit. 


We stand by our service as a stress free way to ensure your dog gets the exercise, socialisation and stimulation it needs to be a well balanced and happy dog.



"Big 'ups' to Vickie for being a great help to our dog and us. We’ve never met anyone who has so much passion and experience working with dogs – you’re an inspiration" - Debbie Ormsby



Mon - Thurs: 7am - 6pm

​​Fri - Sat: By request






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