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Autumn at Dogs Galore

Howdy Guys just a quick update from the team at Dogs Galore. A few changes since Sav left, Kieran has stepped into the role of Co-ordinating daycare pick-ups and helping to manage the team. Sue has been learning how to do basic grooms and has really taken to the job, her feet trims are second to none. We now also have a new chief in charge of accounts, a long-term client, retired accountant and great friend Janice has agreed to help, she will be keeping a track of everyone’s payment’s and ensure all the invoicing is up to date. As you are all breathing a sigh of relief, you can be assured I am not longer trying to do everything. ☺ Vickie

It’s time for a break – Mid Winter shut down

We have decided this year to have a week’s shut down over the July school holidays, this will give the team and I a well-deserved break, with current staffing levels it is very hard for anyone to have time off so this will help. We hope by doing this over the school holidays that it would not cause to much disruption to everyone’s routines. So, NO daycare from Monday 19th until Thursday 22nd July and no sleep overs from 16th until the 26th, after that everything goes back to normal.

New Faces

We have had a few dogs leave over the last 2 months which has meant we can introduce some new friend to our groups, we decided to have a few meets and greets to check out new potential clients, getting the mix of dog’s right is so important to maintaining a happy environment, so look out for our new faces, cuteness guaranteed.


Our puppy classes at Vet Ent are going extremely well, you wonder at times where do all the puppies come from but at least they are starting right. You will find Kelly and I knee deep in puppies on a Tuesday evening loads of fun. Foundation Agility training classes have also started and are going very well, we have a bunch of very keen handlers and dogs so hope to jump right into agility training for those pups old enough.

We are Hiring!

Yes! we are hiring!! this is a new position, we are hoping to find someone local to join us, we are a fabulous team so let’s hope we can find someone who loves your dogs as much as we do.

If anyone has any questions, please get in touch.

Best Wishes

Vickie and the Team at Dogs Galore


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