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The last week of September

And just like that- Winter is well and truly over (could somebody tell that to the weather!?), daylight saving has finally come and we're into October!

Last week was a busy week for the team- along with some pretty atrocious weather, we had a staff training session on Friday to brush up on our handling skills.

On wet weather days, we make use of our garage (mainly for the little guys) and our wet weather areas (concrete & wood chip) for the big guys. We have a lot of dogs come to the property, so it's important to manage the grounds well to make sure they're not turned to mud! Our new shed balcony's are working well for the lighter showers- they enable us to get the dogs out of the rain when it blows through! Although wet days can look pretty miserable, the dogs couldn't care less. They still get to see their friends, and it's a great opportunity for practicing group obedience skills (like groups sits, and gate manners!)

Our staff training went well, and everyone obliged to my 9AM request on their weekend- which I was very thankful for as I had to shoot off to uni afterwards. We strive to stay up to date on latest handling techniques, to make sure you and your dog are getting the best service possible at Dogs Galore.

The weekend brought daylight saving (yay!) and an agility competition in Hamilton for Vickie, Mark, Sav and myself. Vickie brought home the goods with Trigger, placing 3rd and 5th in two of her senior runs, with another 3rd in an Intermediate. Sav had some cool runs with a client dog Murphy- he's still very new at this whole agility thing, and is showing some flash skills! I was lucky enough to borrow Mitch (one of Marks dog), as my own dog is out with injury. We made it around with a few miscommunications, but had an absolute blast!

Sunday brought the Annual Pirongia Craft Fair, did anyone else attend?

Talk to you next week! :)

Pixie Pup learning about life at agility! (Sav's newest addition)

Puppy Pixie learning about life at Agility on the Weekend

Waiting out the rain in one of our sheds!

Practising our group sits in the shed while waiting out the rain!

Murphy (Client Schnauzer) at agility on the weekend

Murphy (a client schnauzer) at agility

Sav & Murphy (Client Schnauzer)

Murphy (A client schanuzer) with Sav

Mitch spent the weekend with Lauren and her crew!

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