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Day School (Daystay & Train) 

Could your dog benefit from more than just daycare? Day School combines group play with structured training sessions throughout the day so you get to take home a fulfilled and tired dog! (Wednesdays only)

This can be tailored to each individual pooch- whether you have specific behaviour problems in mind, or just need basic obedience tune-ups.

We’ll be providing you with homework, a report card, and a consultation at the end of your training package to ensure you’re up to speed with what’s happened, the progress made, and how to take the best steps forward.

Keep in mind: we’re not magicians! Training requires patience, dedication, and above all: time. Repetition is key. We’ll be working hard to install the basic software for these manners into your dog: it will be your long term mission to ensure this turns into hardware!

This program costs $360/4 days of Day School + initial and final consultation 

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