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Who ate all the Cookies  

This is a puppy specific program for pups from 12 - 26 weeks.  We work on their social skills with adult dogs and allow them to learn appropriate play styles from their piers

Day Stay & Train

Finding training difficult to fit in, or just want a jump start and some direction in your training? We’re here to help with our day stay and train program.  Aimed at dogs over 6 months of age.

This is a 5 week program.

Here’s how it works:

You bring your dog to Dogs Galore (or we can pick it up on the school bus once familiar with us if there is an appropriate van space for them) and we work with them, we focus on first building a relationship with your dog and working on them responding to basic commands with various distractions . We take the dog out for private and group training sessions, covering off a list of basic manners and improving social skills with other dogs, while also working on specific skills you have listed as a priority.

Our Day School programs currently run on a Monday and Wednesday. Dogs come either one or both of these days, depending on their training goals and situation. 

Please enquire for more information and pricing. 

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