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Puppy Classes


Learn all about raising a healthy, happy, well-socialised dog. 

We will teach you how to teach your puppy, and important life skills that will make life with your newest addition easier. 


Puppy Class Monday 6PM (Starting 3rd February)

  • Create positive associations with novel items, textures, sounds, people, dogs, in a controlled environment so that you can prevent fear and aggression from developing as your puppy grows into an adult dog.

  • Teach appropriate behaviours so that your puppy behaves like a polite canine citizen and you can take them many places with you, without embarrassment.

  • Prevent problem behaviours like food/bone guarding, picking up dangerous items, jumping on people, barking at dogs, pottying in the house, biting your feet and hands, and ignoring you when you call.

  • Work “smart” at having a dog who is comfortable being handled for things like wet paws, brushing, nail trims, ear cleanings, and basic procedures with your Veterinarian or groomer.

  • Learn to really enjoy your puppy and this journey.

This course is 4 weeks long, and $110. 

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