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Agility is a canine sport based on accuracy, speed, superb connection with the handler and the ability to tackle various obstacle in the process. At Dogs Galore, we offer a fun-filled course where you learn the fundamental groundwork needed for agility so that you become more of a team and play with obstacles along the way.

So if your dog loves climbing on things, has the energy to burn or you want to do something different that can enhance your relationship and your dog training skills, think about agility!


Foundation Course Saturday 15th May 2021at 3pm

Our Agility Foundation course runs over four weeks allowing you to have time to learn the techniques and skills required to teach a dog to do agility.

The whole course is based on fun and connection with your dog, however, we do teach you the skills that enable you to take this further if you want to pursue agility training. Once the course is completed, if your dog is naturally talented and you want to do more, please chat with us as we can give you options on where to go next.

Pre-requisites: Dog must be free from any injury and enjoy food or toys there is no elevated equipment in this course so suitable for young dogs. 

Cost: $100 for 4 weeks

Interested? Click here to sign up. 

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